Nurse with patient at ProHealth心 and Vascular Rehabilitation 服务.


Look to 十大网赌平台 for outstanding heart and 血管 care in southeastern Wisconsin. 依靠我们来预防, 诊断, treatment and ongoing care to help you live an active, 有益心脏健康的生活.

Your heart and 血管 specialists

Turn to our team for safe, high-quality heart and 血管 care. Our specialists work together and share their expertise so you get coordinated care. This approach gives you the best possible care and outcome. 

Your physician team at ProHealth may include:

  • 心脏病专家 – Treat and manage heart, artery and vein conditions.
  • 心胸外科医生 – Treat diseases affecting your heart and blood vessels and lung-related conditions.
  • 电生理学家 – Diagnose and treat heart rhythm disorders.
  • 介入心脏病学家 – Perform catheter-based treatments of heart disease and structural heart defects.
  • 介入放射科医师 – Use imaging technology to guide catheter-based treatments.
  • 血管专家 – Diagnose and manage artery, vein and lymphatic system conditions.
  • 血管外科医生 – Treat diseases of your arteries and veins with and without surgery.

Expect to receive care from specially trained nurses, 心血管技术人员, cardiac rehabilitation specialists and other doctors on our care team.


If you’re admitted to the hospital for care, feel confident that you’ll receive safe, effective care. ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital is a Blue Distinction Center for cardiac care. That means we’ve demonstrated improved patient outcomes and lower complication rates following certain heart procedures and surgeries.


Partner with us for help lowering your risk of disease. 心 disease screening and 血管 disease screening at ProHealth help you and your doctor spot disease before you have symptoms. Early detection means you can get treatment sooner – and help prevent more serious problems. Access resources, education, wellness programs and fitness classes to improve your lifestyle.


Rely on ProHealth for accurate 诊断 of heart and 血管 conditions. We treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Arrhythmia, including atrial fibrillation
  • 胸痛(心绞痛)
  • 心脏病
  • 心 disease, including coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • 心脏衰竭
  • 心脏瓣膜病
  • Vascular disease, including peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • Varicose veins and spider veins


If you or a loved one show signs of a heart attack, 马上打911.

Advanced heart procedures and surgery

Depend on expert doctors and a skilled support staff for cardio血管 procedures and surgeries, 如:

  • Devices placement and monitoring
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery
  • Off-pump coronary bypass surgery
  • Traditional heart bypass surgery
  • 心 valve repair and replacement
  • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)

Specialized catheterization labs

When you receive a test or treatment in our all-digital cath labs, you’re exposed to less radiation. Know that your doctor enjoys a clear, precise view while performing your angioplasty, stent placements or other advanced procedure.


心脏病发作后恢复, heart surgery or other heart event with cardiac rehabilitation at ProHealth. Take part in safe, low-impact exercise and learn the best ways to care for yourself.


If you take blood thinners – medications that prevent blood clots – get anticoagulation management services at a ProHealth location near you. 指望我们:

  • Check you for signs of blood clots and bleeding.
  • Help make sure you’re taking medications safely and effectively.

Cardio血管 clinical trials

Ask your care team about cardio血管 clinical trials at ProHealth. If you’re a candidate, you may benefit from new treatments not yet widely available.




To schedule a new patient consultation, select the cardiologist and location you prefer, and a date and time that works for you. 它又快又容易.